instagram organic growth management

targeted engagement

Acquire new followers based on YOUR target market, customers, competitors, location, hashtags and more.

grow it right

No Black Hat shortcuts, we will make sure your Instagram account grows organically the right way, this avoids any issues with your account.

increase your engagement

Keep in touch with your followers, and increase your engagement. We will make sure your content reaches your followers the right way.

month to month convenience

No need to enter on a lengthy contract, and on top of that, we will get you your first 100 followers FREE!

Choose the perfect plan

Select your package below. Let us show you what we can do for your Instagram account. We are so confident about our services, that our guarantee is that is you do not receive immediate followers interested in your product or services, we will refund your account 100%



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Frequently asked questions

Yes! We do not use any black hat techniques, we DO NOT add fake followers to your accounts, or SPAM thousands of users. Everything is done by the book to ensure that we are operating under Instagram TOS. The only criteria you need to have is account to be 1 month or older and have 20 or more posts.

Yes, absolutely! We highly suggest you to keep posting, that would really help us get much better results. Please, just make sure you are not following or unfollowing people during the promotion!

  1. Detailed information about your account or business.
  2. Credentials; Username, & Password
  3. Targeting information (5 to 10 usernames of influencers or competitors that promote similar service, product or post pictures on the same theme to yours)
  4. Your profile should be more than 4 weeks old. You should have at least 20 posts.
  5. Your email associated with profile should be real and accessible so you can get confirmation code during my login to account.
  6. Also, please link your Facebook to Instagram [Settings-->Privacy and Security-->Linked Accounts]

Usually within 1 to 2 days. However, for best results a 5 day window is recommended.

No! We will not! We save a backup list of people you follow before the promotion and if you follow someone then that person won’t be unfollowed too. Also, unfollowing is an extra service we offer.

No, those services would fall into Platform Management.

Instagram Organize Growth Management is a service provided to grow your Instagram account ethically. If you have any other questions about our services, please Contact Us.

Our clients say

"I had zero knowledge on this Instagram platform. I contacted HoBITS Technologies because a friend of mine suggested them to work my Instagram. Needless to say, I had all my competitors followers looking at my account, and within 2 months my business membership went up 30%. My investment on the premium services were covered the 3rd week."
michael c.
Fitness Industry
"There is not a lot to say when it comes to Human Resources, but these guys sure brought targeted attention to my account in order for me to find qualified candidates for my clients. Instagram put a new spin for me on the this industry. Thank you guys!"
Hall Read
HR Industry
"I've seen so many people saying that they could grow Instagram, but everything was fake and unrelated accounts. After so many different attempts to try to grow my account, everything was an epic fail. Until, I found these guys to do it for me. It was nice, and steady and everything following my account was related to my field. "
Quintin Angus
Apparel Industry
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Jillie Tempest
Photography Industry